Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rachel at the Park

Lucky for us it wasn't too terribly cold when we were up north. The first night it was -18 C, but then it started to chinook and that kept the chill off for a while. I love chinooks. The wind is really fluid, thick, and warm. It just feels so much more different to me than regular old wind. My favorite part is that it warms everything up. I like anything that warms everything up.

On Saturday there was a pretty nice chinook arch in the sky (although they look better when there aren't more clouds under the arch itself). We headed to the park after Deklan's baptism, but we didn't stay long because the minute the sun started to set it got really cold again. We had fun while the warmth lasted though!

Rachel tried the slide and she absolutely loved it! She went down over and over again and would laugh and smile the whole time.

She also tried the swings, but she didn't like it quite as much as the slide. It might have something to do with the sun setting and the warm air disappearing. It started to get rather chilly and she started to cry, so we headed home.

You can see the cool little mountain in the background. Kai had a ton of fun climbing up that, although he had a little trouble getting started. And that slide is the coolest slide in the world! I'll post some pictures and videos of the bigger kids going down that later (they are on Andrew's laptop and he's at school). I tried it myself and squealed. It was that exhilarating. Obviously Rachel went down a tamer slide...


  1. I love Rachel's expressive little face! She definitely looked she had lots of fun!

  2. My kids are so sad that you guys left, Deklan cried and cried because I didn't wake anyone up to say goodbye. He really is a tenderhearted solider :)
    They also love love love that you took them to the park! And none of them can stop talking about Rachel!
    Oh how I wished we all lived closer!!!!!

  3. Thank you, Nancy, for bringing the chinook back to me...
    And Rachel is looking more and more beautiful.