Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Innocent Andrew

As a sequel to the last post, I'd like to illustrate how innocent Andrew is when it comes to children and raising them. Now, I'm not any pro, but I've been dragged around the block quite a few times when it comes to feeding, diapering, and dealing with many of the other gross kid stuff. This definitely seems to be Andrew's first time around.

After we were finished feeding Rachel, she was horribly messy, even though Andrew scraped the food off her face and re-fed it to her countless times. Babies are just pros at being messy. So, Rachel had food smeared from ear to ear and was obviously finished eating. Andrew asked, "Now what do we do about her face? Do we use a baby wipe on it or something?"

Before he could even finish asking his question, I had already grabbed a clean corner of the bib and wiped her face off. Most of the bib was already covered in spat-out food, so it needed to be washed anyway.

"Oh," he said, "Or we just do that."

I later told him that there are such things as washcloths. "Oh, yeah!" he exclaimed.

Oh, he's so cute.


  1. This reminded me a a passage in Teresa Bloomingdales fun book "Up a family tree." In this chapter, she is worrying about becoming a grandmother first time--and more to the point, worrying about the inexperience of the new mother. And I quote: "Will she realize the danger of open safety pins, scalding bathwater, sharp objects, a new father?" :o)from Nancy's mom.

  2. Granted, using a baby wipe on her face wouldn't have been the end of the world...and I've used wipes on children's faces before. I just thought it was funny that that was the first thing he thought of.

    What did parents do before baby wipes were invented?

    And, mom, that quote is hilarious!

  3. Hah. Great stuff! There are some advantages to forcing young men to learn to babysit... And not just for siblings! Yes. This is my new plan. My sons, should I ever have any children at all, will learn to babysit. Men have enough disgusting habits that learning to deal with messy babies shouldn't be that big a problem for them now, should it...

  4. Someone from our playgroup had a hubby who used one of those Lysol wipes when they were changing their newly circumcised son. Bad, bad, BAD! Interestingly enough it says right on the Lysol wipes not to use them on baby bums. I guess in the moment of craziness he didn't read and wasn't thinking.