Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday, that one day

Rachel and I got up early to go to a primary presentation this morning. Then I dragged Rachel to a primary meeting with me. Then I sneaked off to the mother's lounge for a bit to feed her before our sacrament meeting started.

When I got to the chapel I stood dumbly in the door for a few minutes, scanning the room for Andrew. He was not to be seen, by me anyway. Apparently he and Rachel were making goofy faces at each other the whole time I was standing there looking stupid and I didn't even notice. Finally about half the room (okay, so only like 5 people) pointed in Andrew's direction and I found him. Phew.

I sat down just in time for the sacrament hymn and my friend Val and her little family walked in shortly after I did and sat down behind us. Rachel was thrilled. It was all we could do to keep her from crawling over the seats to play with Sawyer--when I say play, I mean stare at him with her mouth open in awe because he can do so much--she can't crawl yet, but she was getting so squirmy and excited that we finally just passed her off to Val so that Rachel and Sawyer could poke each other's eyes and slobber on each other's hands.

Rachel was fascinated that Sawyer could crawl and pick up pieces of cereal. She was quite jealous of all his skills. Then he noticed that Rachel was sitting in his mom's lap and got quite jealous of Rachel. Suddenly his dad wasn't so cool any more and he just wanted mom. So Rachel came back to us and I went out and fed Rachel...again.

We went to Sunday school and Rachel fell asleep. Then I left for the 2nd ward's primary presentation. It was phenomenal. The children were assigned a topic and they all wrote their own parts. It was so cute to hear them bear their testimonies of pure and simple faith--I think having them prepare their own talks really helped bring the spirit, more than having their leaders write their parts. They sang amazingly well--I got goosebumps with every song. It was so well put together--the pianist would start playing the prelude quietly while the last person of the "topic" was speaking and that really helped to bring the spirit into what they were saying, and then they'd move smoothly from talk to song and back again. It was the best presentation I've ever seen! The others this year were good, don't get me wrong, but this one stirred my soul!

Andrew dragged Rachel to the tail end of this presentation so that they could pick me up and take me home. My friend, Shallee, is in that ward and when she saw Andrew with Rachel, she wanted to meet her. Andrew handed Rachel off to Shallee and Rachel promptly peed. Ordinarily, this wouldn't have been a problem, but we hadn't changed her diaper since 8:30 that morning, so by 2:30, she was getting pretty soggy. I guess the diaper just couldn't hold anymore and so it sprayed out the side of her diaper and all over Shallee's arm. It was pretty funny. For us. Not so much for Shallee, although she didn't mind.

(We usually change her more often than that, it's just that she was asleep when it needed to be changed and Andrew didn't want to wake her up).

So, then we came home, and I had to run a check over to Heather to pay for my project for Super Saturday. I'm excited for it! It's next week!

And then I came home and we had lunch and then, for the first time this semester, took a Sunday afternoon nap. It was marvelous, but much too short because Rachel woke up to eat...again. I had to get up anyway to get some things ready for my meeting tonight. So Rachel and I made Andrew get out of bed, too, since there is always plenty of things that he can do, too.

So now we have to make dinner really quick while I finish gathering things for my meeting...and then I'll feed Rachel...again...and then go to my meeting.

This was definitely one of those busier Sundays. Rachel's been a trooper so far, though. We'll see how she does with daddy while I'm gone. Evenings can be difficult for her (then again, so can mornings, afternoons, and anything else in between).

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