Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wii! That was fun!

Finally a video game that I can play! I cannot play a regular Nintendo with controllers. I have always used the controller like a steering wheel instead of using the little buttons to move around. Now with the Wii, I can actually play (and occasionally beat other people) without looking too stupid since everyone else is moving around, too.

Let the record show that, virtually, I can totally cream Andrew while boxing. He didn't stand a chance.

I won two of three rounds making me the champion of the match. It's actually pretty taxing. We were both out of breath and, the next day, our punching arms were rather sore. (Truth be told, they are still a little sore).

We also played a few games of bowling, baseball, and tennis. I'm about as good at Wii bowling as I am in real life. I beat Andrew once. Only once.

Tennis was just a joke. Any time I actually hit the ball was mere coincidence. My seven year old niece has a wicked serve and I just couldn't ever hit it back to her. She totally skunked me.

Baseball was a bit better. I played against Abra. We tied; 0 to 0. Apparently we're both pretty bad at batting. Every time either of us hit the ball it was either foul or was caught. We didn't get any batters home. Abra at least made it to first base. I never even left home plate.

It was definitely an exhausting evening. One day when we're rich and famous, we're going to get a Wii. And Dance Dance Revolution. Both very fun (and active) games.


  1. If it makes you feel any better Andrew... Nancy punches like a girl :)

  2. I know, eh? If we were sparring in real life I wouldn't stand a chance.

  3. matt kicks my butt every time we play the wii, but we brought it over to my parents for thanksgiving, and my 6 year old nephew trashed him in bowling. made me feel a little better. :)

  4. Your description about using the controller as a steering wheel made me laugh. People love the wii. I don't because I don't like sports, but I did hear that they have one where you perform an operation on someone. I could put my love of human anatomy to good use!

  5. I love bowling on the Wii. I told Jared that I want one for Xmas so we will see if I get one.