Thursday, November 01, 2007

Got it!

I've done it. I have captured the elusive pouty face.

We were going over animal noises. I would show her the animal, for example a horse, and say, "What do horses say? Horses say neigh."

Horses were fine, as were cats, dogs, elephants, monkeys, cows, pigs, and ducks. Bears aren't.

"Rachel, what does a bear say? A bears says ROAR!"

Apparently I roared with too much gusto and she broke out her pouty face. Doesn't it just have "but mom" written all over it? Luckily I had the camera ready so, while I was telling her that everything was okay and that this bear isn't scary because he's just a toy, I quickly snapped a picture. And as if seeing the pouty face isn't enough to break my heart, three seconds later she starts doing her "how could you?" wail, complete with shaking hands and vibrato.

Mooing is apparently funny because I did the cow next and she stopped crying right away.

So, there's her pouty face for you. It isn't the best picture, but do keep in mind that the face only lasts for a few seconds. It's very hard to get it on "film."

Now that I've accomplished that, I need to catch her giggling. She now has a full-blow giddy schoolgirl laugh, but every time I try to film her doing it, she won't.

Josie was giving her zrbtts the other day and Rachel was just laughing away. I took out the camera and Rachel would smile all cute, but she would not make a sound.

And just tonight I was giving her a horsey ride on my tummy. A-bounce, a-bounce, a-bounce, a-bounce, a-bounce, we'd go. Once we stopped, she'd giggle for five or ten seconds and we'd do it again. Andrew got out the camera this time.

Wouldn't you know it, she stopped her giggling and just stared at the camera wide-eyed.

We'll get it sometime!


  1. fabulous! you mean old mom. :)

  2. so cute (the face, and the story as well)

  3. Y'know, we have this family book called "the large and growly bear" and one day my uncle read it to my sister when she was pretty little, and did the same sort of thing, and from then until she reached a couple years old, she was terrified of my uncle because he was 'growly'

  4. Oh wow that face is priceless!! Good job getting it on camera! What a cutie!