Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bath Time

Rachel absolutely loves bath time. She loves bath time so much that if I put her in the tub she kicks her legs and squeals--there doesn't even have to be any water in the tub. She likes to kick the water and loves when the water splashes on her face. She likes to grab the wash cloth and suck on it. She likes to turn on her side and lick the water or her tub pad or anything that happens to be close to her face.

She also loves showers. She has a sign that lets me know she wants to go right under the shower head: she closes her eyes, and repetitively opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue. She'll do that even before her head gets wet.

Not that I am willing her to grow up faster, but I'm really looking forward to when she can sit up and play with tub toys. That will be so fun! (It's fun now, but it will be fun later, too).

Kids in my family just like water, I guess. Josie could bathe for hours as a child. It was one place we could put her where she'd stay put for any reasonable length of time. I remember us all bathing together and playing wild submarine/mermaid games and soaking the bathroom. We had story time in the tub sometimes...the occasional times all around.

Yeah, I'm really excited for tub toys.


  1. By the way, Nancy made that beautiful, scrapbook-like picture from scratch in Photoshop. Go Nancy the graphic designer!

  2. Nice graphics, very cute model.

  3. As one of the few childless people who read your blog, I'm going to try and remember this post and not the previous one when I think about my future children. My "nephew" also love the bath, and it's fun when I'm around to help. Plus, he always smells so yummy right after. Yay babies!

  4. I use the bathtub as a lure to keep my children in one spot too. I know that they'll be occupied for at least an hour or two... it really is quite handy! Perhpas if I let them have popsicles... they might last a little longer! I even have Piper trained to shampoo and condition her hair...!