Monday, November 26, 2007

What are you packing under there?

David was riffling through the suitcase he used trying to find something shortly after arriving at Abra's house. He unzipped one of the front pockets and reached inside only to discover a handful of little girl's underwear. Having just crossed an international border, he was wondering what would have happened had the guards decided to inspect his suitcase.

"Sir, what are these? And why do you have them?"

"They're my little sister's, honest!"

It could have been quite the scene.

He told us about it on Wednesday night when we got to my sister's house. We all had a good laugh, and then had to figure out when Josie had used the suitcase last. Since the underwear was now too small for her and there were so many pairs, we figured it had to be from her trip to India. I wonder, since all the underwear was clean, how hygienic she was on that month-long trip.

Later that night when we got to the Richards' house, the apartment was freezing cold so mom got out the blanket she had packed with her and started to unfold it to put it on her bed. Just as she flicked it open, a pair of boxer shorts flew out. She had accidentally brought along a pair of Patrick's boxers that had clung to the blanket in the laundry. Oh, the irony.

We definitely had a good laugh about that, too. I'm happy to report that Andrew and I found no extra unmentionables left over in our suitcase, although when I was packing I did find a can opener that we had purchased in Jordan. Not sure how it found its way into our suitcase--I don't even like that kind of can opener. I can rarely get them to open cans.


  1. Cute post title, by the way.

    What other kind of can opener is there that you like better? Or do you mean the kind that takes the whole top of the can off?

  2. The "Swing Away" is my favorite. It works the same as the other one (doesn't take the whole top off), but I can actually get it to cut the can. I just really struggle with the traditional kind that is found all over the world.

    My mom had a swing away and so when I got out on my own, I had to find one, too! (And no, they aren't all as expensive as on Amazon).

  3. Haha! It's like my pants and sleeping bag mystery! What is it with people leaving their underwear in our stuff? Seriously. ;)