Wednesday, November 07, 2007

We're both insane

I had a lot to drink before bed last night. I had tomato soup for dinner. I had about a liter of water. I drank more than half a pitcher of orange juice. And even then I was still thirsty, so I kept on drinking.

I thought for sure that by the time Andrew got home I would have to go to the bathroom. But I didn't. As we were getting ready for bed, I kept jumping up and down to see if I could feel the fluids splashing around in my stomach, the tell-tale sign that you drank too much. I couldn't. It didn't slosh, splash, or gurgle. I didn't really understand why this was because really I had drunk a whole lot of fluids.

I started walking into the bedroom as I was contemplating this, jostling around a bit, trying to see if I could make my stomach slosh. Andrew suddenly darted past me and did a flying front flip/somersault thing onto the bed.

I watched him do this. "Oh, dear," I thought calmly, "He's going to slam his head into the dresser. Hmmmmmm...I wonder if I jump up really high if my stomach will slosh. Nope."

It was a near-miss. He came to rest in a seated position with his nose mere inches from connecting with the dresser.

"Whoa!" Andrew said. I could tell his acrobatics were a rush for him, "I was just thinking while I was upside down, 'This is a bad idea!'"

"Not the smartest thing you've ever done," I agreed while jiggling a little bit.

"It was fun!" he said, "What are you doing?"

"Trying to see if I can make my stomach slosh....I drank so much tonight."

It didn't slosh though. I lay down. My stomach sloshed. We laughed.

It was a crazy night up to that point, but uneventful thereafter. Rachel didn't wake up until 4 and I didn't have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, oddly enough. I wonder what happened to all those fluids.

Poor little Rachel. This is what she has to grow up with.


  1. I've done that too! I think "I will for sure be up in the middle of the night after all this" and then nothing. then I drink hardly anything, and I'm up in the middle of the night, AND early in the morning, afraid I might burst. . .I don't understand the body, this is why I was never a science person

  2. I wish I could drink that much and not slosh...I was really thirsty yesterday too, but I ended up getting up about 3 times in the night...So where did you put all that fluid? I guess it will remain a mystery.

  3. You two are too silly!!! Rachel will have fun growing up with a bed-bouncer and a sloshy-jumper!

  4. Official signs of dehydration... :) and very funny stories to go with them!

  5. Sometimes I think Andrew is still ten years old, but then again, bouncing on the bed is fun. :)

  6. Joy and Krystal--I'm not pregnant anymore! Ha, ha--but I feel for you both. Really.

    But seriously, I don't know where it went. not at all.

  7. into rachel! where else are most of your extra fluids going these days when they don't end up in the usual places....

  8. Very good thinking, Heidi! Why didn't I think of that?

  9. because you were too busy jumping around.... Perhaps if this is a normal bedtime routine, this might be why Rachel cries...
    Either you're having way too much fun and she's sad to have to leave the party.
    Or she cries herself to sleep wondering why she picked you guys!!!! JUST KIDDING although, you are kinda weird (must be the toe thumbs)
    Don't feel bad Nan, I'm sure you got some of that jumping around thing from mom... she does strange things like that too sometimes.

  10. I agree with Heidi. Rachel ate them at four. The mystery is solved :)

  11. Yay, I had a thought!

  12. Heidi, you can't say you had a thought and then not say what it was--now we are all wondering what you thought!

  13. She's the one who thought of the extra fluid going into Rachel...