Sunday, August 10, 2008

Farewell Party

Last Tuesday Karen hosted a dual purpose party--a farewell party for us and a graduation party for Reid. She decorated with a desert/palm tree/blue and white theme. There were helium balloons, a desert scape, homemade root beer, and hundreds of homemade cookies. Most of the guests were people in Andrew's home ward, but we also had some family members come.

Before many guests arrived we took some family pictures. Unfortunately neither picture is perfectly complete. Instead they're more like "family pictures with the kids that still live at home, plus us" pictures.

Andrew's family

My family

Patrick even posed for the camera. Yes, the infamous camera-hater actually posed and let us take his picture. We decided we had better take one before he changed his mind.

Rachel loved all the attention food she got from everybody. She would wander around with her mouth open just hoping someone would pop something in her mouth--and I think almost everyone did. She got her first real exposure to peanut butter by stealing a cookie off Matthew Claypool's plate. Apparently she's not allergic.

She had a fun time visiting with her cousin, Kayl, and with her friends Amy Parks, and Matthew and Kelsi Claypool. We had fun visiting with Aunt Dorothy and Michelle, Grandma Pat and Dave, Aunt Nicki and Emma, Auntie Judy, Uncle Wally, Carlie and Andrew, as well as our friends, the Claypools and Parks, and many other friends and family. Far too many came to be able to name them all!

We had a great evening and stayed out well past Rachel's bedtime--we didn't get home until around 10:30--but Rachel was happy the whole time. Her best buddy, Phillip, showed up around 9:00 (three hours after the party started and a half hour after it ended) looking for his parents.

Oh, how we wish we could take Phillip to Egypt with us! Rachel adores him. Given the late hour, I'm quite sure that she would have lost all patience and gotten grumpy had he not shown up.

The minute she saw him she started squealing and ran right into his arms. Keep in mind that she hasn't really seen him since we went camping in Grover and she still loves him more than anyone! Here she is stroking his face...she carressed it for about a full minute, just holding his cheek and staring into his eyes. (He's too old for you, Rachel).

It was nice to be able to see so many of our friends and family all at once!

PS. Congratulations on finishing up your MPA, Reid! He got like a 3.9 something...smarts just run in the family!

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  1. :) OK. YOu aren't allowed to post anything more til the end of the week, because I can't catch up! You write too much. ;) I've been without consistent internet long enough that I'm WAY behind right now... Who'd have thought you could write so much in 6 weeks! lol