Saturday, August 02, 2008

Quirky Quirks

My sister Abra tagged me. This one is about quirks: you disclose 6 "unspectacular" quirks about yourself and then tag 6 other bloggers to do the same. I never tag anyone, though, so if you want to, go ahead, but I'm not tagging you.

Here are my quirks:

1) I love brushing my teeth. I can't stand aftertastes, especially of the "milk and cereal" variety, so I usually brush my teeth after every meal. When my dad was in the hospital getting an emergency triple bypass I was freaking out because I hadn't brushed my teeth since that morning and it was like midnight. Sister Wright went out and bought a toothbrush for me so that I could get a grip on life. That was probably a defense mechansim of sorts.

2) I see life through my blog. I think about writing all the time and am always thinking about how I can turn a situation, conversation, or picture into an entertaining story. I'm a little obsessive, perhaps.

3) I sort through Rachel's toys and put them away "properly." I hate it when she loses pieces to her toys and hunt through the house for them until I can "put it together again." We've been missing the red oval for her shape sorter and it's been driving me nuts. I look for it on a daily basis. Andrew suggested that Rachel probably put it in the trash and that it is now in Garbage City. I am still looking for it.

4) I can't go to sleep without checking on Rachel. And I have to touch her when I check on her. I can't just peek in and see that she's still snug in bed and that she's still breathing. I actually have to put my hand on her chest to feel it rise and fall. You would think that after 14 months I'd be pretty confident of her ability to survive on her own through the night, but I'm not. I think it stems from all the worrying I did for the last 20 weeks of my pregnancy. I still think that she's fragile somehow...or maybe it's because I just like to worry. I have to check the door two or three times before going to bed as well.

5) I have worn a CTR ring virtually every day since I turned 8 and got my first one. I had several of those cheap-o rings and they would always turn my finger green. Then I got one with a purple shield from my grandparents one year for was lost in a sharing-a-room-with-Josie incident. Then I got a small one with a black shield. Somehow it got run over by the vacuum cleaner and was completely mangled. My current CTR ring is David's old one. He gave it to me before he left on his mission after mine was run over by the vacuum cleaner. It's rather chunky and masculine and I've tried to not wear it but my finger is so used to it that I can't take it off for long. One day I'll try to get a cute ring...but for now I'm stuck with David's...

6) I'm a dainty eater; I only eat one kernel of popcorn at a time. Or one chip. Or one fruit snack. Or one grape. Whatever it is I'm eating I only eat one at a time. Andrew grabs a whole handful and shoves it into his mouth. He thinks it's funny that I eat so cleanly.

My greatest quirk though is probably that I married Andrew. Need I say more? He has enough quirks for the both of us. Let me highlight a few:
  • He won't touch washcloths. He thinks they're gross. He won't wash dishes if he has to use a cloth--he'll use a sponge or anything else, but not a washcloth. If there is a washcloth sitting out and it needs to be washed, I have to pick it up. He prefers if they sit in the diaper pail than in the regular laundry basket.
  • He organizes his clothes. And sometimes he organizes mine for me. It annoys him to no end that I don't have a "system" for my side of the closet. Sometimes I'll go to the closet and will find that my dresses have been organized by length or that my shirts have been organized by color.
  • He is absolutely addicted to the news. The only way he's been surviving without the internet for this long is because we get CNN and Al-Jazeera on television. Before he goes to bed he has to "see if the world is still alive."
  • He gets into my nice-smelling things. For someone so opposed to the color pink (the boy won't use a pink toothbrush or sponge), he sure is fond of pink soaps. He sometimes comes out of the shower smelling like Japanese Rose or some other scent and was recently really excited that we found "Red Berry" soap. It's pink, so it must smell good...
  • He says that he doesn't have any quirks. He just has little attributes that makes him more endearing. He also says that I don't have any quirks. Seriously, nothing I do bothers him...except maybe cutting my nails on the bed or using the same cloth to wash the dishes and the counter or the fact that I don't organize my clothes.

Rachel can be pretty quirky, too. For example, she has to take her shoes, pants, and underwear off to go potty--completely off. She cries if we try to convince her that it's alright to have her pants sit at her ankles. She wants it all off! She also won't go to bed without her blankey, likes to eat off of our plates even if she has the same thing in front of her, and sometimes puts her underwear on her head.

What are your quirks?

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  1. Miriam does that pants/potty thing, too. We've finally compromised to where she can have them off at home, but when we're in public restrooms, there's no way she's stripping from the waist down.