Friday, August 01, 2008

Mandarin Orange Monster

For lunch today I opened a can of Mandarin oranges. Soon I had to open another can. Rachel just couldn't get enough of them!

When she was finished eating she turned her bowl upside down on the table so I quickly went to grab a wash cloth before she could make too big of a mess. In the 10 seconds it took for me to run into the kitchen, Rachel had taken her sticky hands and rubbed them through her hair.

She was one sticky mess, covered in orange juice from her head to her toes--quite literally, too! I've already sponged her off three times and she's still sticky. She might just have to hop in the tub...again. She's already had 1 bath today. How many does she need?


  1. reminds me of the picture of you with the beets!

  2. That's just what I was thinking!

  3. I'm doing my best to catch up! :) Very funny. I think the rubbing the hands through the hair thing is kind of universal, isn't it... if it is sticky, nasty, dirty, or any of the other adjectives that describe things babies find, it either has to go in the hair or in the mouth...