Sunday, August 10, 2008

When in Egypt...

Rachel is afraid of hats. She doesn't like baseball caps or sunbonnets, mortar boards or tuques.

Since many men in Egypt will be wearing keffiyehs and even more of the women will be wearing headscarves, Rachel will simply have to get used to the idea that hats are not actually scary.

We know that she certainly doesn't like keffiyehs! Grandpa wore one in Grover and Rachel just about had a panic attack! (I will post a picture of this later. Andrew was supposed to write about it and Calf Creek, but he didn't...) So instead I started her off a little slower by wearing a headscarf in front of her. She didn't react too negatively until I tried to put one on her!

She won't have to wear one, so I suppose it's alright that she doesn't like them. Just as long as she's comfortable seeing other people in them. We still have to work on that keffiyeh thing, though.


  1. That first picture of Rachel is so funny, I love it!!! We sure will miss you guys!!

  2. Good luck with the move and everything! I'm glad it's only for a couple of years. I keep thinking of how old our kids are going to be by the time we see you again.... Anyway, have a great time and keep bloging so we get a taste of Egyptian life. Good luck with Rachel's hat fears. Karen would love it, but they might have a problem with her because she likes to pull hats off of everyone she sees...;) Have a good trip!!!!!!

  3. Well, I hope you move back to the States before she has to wear a head-scarf or she gets to not be scared of wearing them on her head before she has to wear one...