Friday, April 12, 2013

Benjamin "crawling"

So, he's not quite crawling yet, but he's certainly making great progress.

A few things to note in this video:

1) Miriam coming out to tell me something, namely that Benjamin can't have the container but can have the horse. She's always getting out of bed to tell me stuff like that. I'm halfway surprised she didn't get out of bed to "give" me that container. Or the horse. She likes to get out of bed to "give" me stuff, too.

2) Rachel getting out of bed to ask if she can turn the page in her journal. Why did she have to ask permission  I don't know. She was right at the end of the page so I have a hunch it was just an excuse to get out of bed.

3) Miriam getting out of bed again to praise Benjamin. And move the container all the way into the kitchen.

4) Both girls requested to see the video (probably to delay bedtime further).

5) Benjamin has some sort of magnetic attraction to that floor lamp. Our outlets are a little wonky (they have built-in covers which mostly means that any cord you plug in is easily jostled back out) so he's always "turning off the lamp" if we don't watch him close enough. He's usually headed over there. Or to play with the printer or receiver.

Benjamin is never more interesting than when it's bedtime. Rachel almost had a meltdown right before bed because we told her that she couldn't hold him because she had to go to bed (even though she'd done plenty of holding earlier in the evening). 

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  1. Very nice. And thanks for the notes so I could follow along with the girls' interruptions. :) I liked hearing your voices so now I can "hear" you when you write about yourself and the girls.