Monday, April 08, 2013

I say hello

Yesterday we got on Skype to say happy birthday to my beautiful baby sister (who is now 19 years not such a baby anymore) and Benjamin went ballistic. That boy loves Skype. He jumps and squeals and does everything he can to show how delighted he is about the whole thing. He especially adores the little baby boy in the corner who jumps and squeals back at him but enjoys everyone else, too. Yesterday, though, our call with Josie was particularly special because when I prompted Benjamin to "Say 'Hi!' to Auntie Josie!" he waved at her.

He purposefully lifted his arm into the air and gave it a little shake.

It was so sweet! We of course tested it out on every subject we could find after that and it's pretty clear Benjamin understands the concept of waving as a greeting. It's fun to have him getting more and more interactive.

Here's what he sounds like on Skype (and much of the time not on Skype):

Rachel and Miriam both try to imitate him (which is loads more annoying than just having Benjamin do it all day long (which, although cute also gets old)). 

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  1. I have been out of the blogosphere for forever it seems, but freak! What an adorable boy! And, of course, Miriam's all cute sucking her thumb. What an adorable family you have made. :)