Friday, May 16, 2014

Singing and Dancing in the Rain

It poured yesterday. My phone was going off all day with weather alerts. Tornado warning this. Flood warning that. Severe thunder storm here. High wind warning there. It was a blustery, wet, wet, wet day.

We had thunder storms during the school day, but that seems to have passed by the time Rachel came home from school. We're rather strict about lightning in these parts (because this) but we hadn't heard any rumblings for at least an hour when the kids decided to go enjoy the rain (with our neighbour). They were out there for a long time.

When they were finished playing they all came inside, dripping wet, for some hot chocolate.

*UPDATE* There really was a tornado, apparently. But it was during dinner when we weren't dancing in the street (we know because Andrew got an alert on his phone in the middle of dinner, from Duke, warning everyone to take cover because they were in the path of the tornado) . And it was "only" and EF-1, so nothing too bad happened.


  1. Ha! I thought to myself yesterday, "I wonder if Nancy's kids went out to play in this." Cute pics. :)

  2. Rain storms in North Carolina can be brutal and lighting can be a scary thing. I remember being on base at Camp Lejeune watching some men play soft ball when it started to rain. One guy started running around picking up the bases and got about half way between first and second when there was a flash and he landed about 25 feet from where he was hit. Lighting is nothing to laugh at. I hear that you can be struck within 25 miles radius of the lighting storm.