Monday, August 04, 2014

Another exciting bug sighting!

Yesterday morning we found a luna moth perched on our front porch. It was beautiful, and large!

My hand is in the picture for size reference. It's bent all awkwardly because I'm squatting on the railing and bending my arm backwards over that little ledge thing. It was not the most comfortable position.

The moth was still there when we got home from church but this morning it was gone.

As big as the luna moth was, I'm not sure it was any bigger than the imperial moth we found at the pool on Thursday (it was there on the gate when we went to the pool at 10 AM and it was still there on the gate when we left the pool (for the last time) at 6 PM).

The luna moth was, however, much prettier!

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  1. For us, it is hatching baby pheasants! I will blog about it...your kids will love the pictures, I think.