Saturday, August 02, 2014

Miriam writes a story

Miriam brought me her notebook this evening and showed me a story she'd clearly written down word for word from a book she had in bed with her (and that's fine because it's part of the learning process) so I told her what good writing she was doing and then flipped through the notebook a bit and found this gem that came straight out of her brain:

Miriam had love. She gav[e] it to Mommy, she gav[e] it to Daddy, and she gav[e] it to Benjamin and Rachel and Grandma, to[o], and Grandpa, to[o]. It was fun when Miriam giv[e]s her love with efrewan [everyone]. And she giv[e]s her love to Lily. The end.

My favourite thing about this story is absolutely everything. But if I had to pick just a few things, they'd be:

  1. How she spelled efrewan. Is there a better way to do that? Probably not. 
  2. How she tacked on the part about giving her love to her friend Lily. I'm pretty sure she wrote this around last weekend when we went to the beach with Lily's family. 
  3. That this story illustrates exactly how much love Miriam has to give. She's got enough for everyone and then some.
I love this girl back so much:

...even when she grinds up sidewalk chalk and pretends that it's pixie dust...

...and even when that pixie dust doesn't wash out very well and her baby brother has a blue-ish hair for several days. Yes, even then I love her.

(Pictures are from July 22 in case anyone's wondering how Benjamin's hair grew back so fast—it didn't).