Sunday, August 17, 2014

Quiet Sunday

Choir was cancelled today, which we were probably more excited about than we should have been, but it meant that we could have a normal Sunday afternoon. After learning that my family is heading up to Canada again to take my nephew back home and Andrew's parents don't have internet at their new house yet so neither set of grandparents would be available to skype we almost didn't know what to do with ourselves. But don't worry. We figured it out.

For the first time in many weeks the girls went into their room to have quiet time while Benjamin and I went down for a Sunday afternoon nap. 

Daddy was going to work on a paper but he ended up snoozing on the couch instead. 

When nap time was over we played Ticket to Ride, which was fun (even though I lost). Team Andrew-Miriam won by a long shot and Rachel came in second place. Benjamin played with spare parts and only jostled the board a couple of times. 

We pulled a meal out of the freezer—Cafe Rio Pork that Andrew made earlier this month—so that meant no one really had to cook, which was wonderful, and then we went on a family walk after dinner.

It made for a very relaxing Sunday afternoon, an experience that won't be repeated for a long time, I'm sure. We're looking forward to our regularly scheduled program next week because although one Sunday free from choir and visits was nice I think we'd begin to miss it after a while.

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