Monday, July 27, 2015

Last Utah post (July 16 and 17)

This post will bring me up—if not up to the present time—to the present state. And it will be short, sweet, and to the point. I said goodbye to my lovely family...

And then my mom and I went to the wedding reception of my friend's little brother, which I was a little embarrassed about because I had never met the little brother or his wife, but my mom said it would be just fine. Also, I didn't have any dress clothes with me (I'd left those in my other suitcase at Karen's house) so I went in regular clothes.

We showed up and it was fine because it was great to get to see Tanielle and Anggita (I know them from when we did tari saman together), but then the reception actually started and it turns out it wasn't the typical drop-in reception so common in Utah. Rather, it was a ring ceremony and program and everything. So it ended up being a little more awkward...for me...than I had bargained for.

Fortunately, Tanielle's family is super welcoming and no one seemed to mind that I had crashed their wedding party.

The last time I saw Tanielle I was expecting Benjamin. Now I have Benjamin and Zoë and she has Poe (po-ay) and Oro. Here's a picture of us with our two little ones:

And here's a picture of me with Angi and her husband (both of whom were in the MPA program at BYU with Andrew):

For wedding favours they were giving out fans from Indonesia (since that's where Tanielle's family (and the bride's family, too, actually) are from). I brought mine home to give to Miriam and my mom sent one home for Rachel to have as well.

On Friday morning, Karen took me to the airport and I arrived in Durham that afternoon. The kids (and Andrew) were certainly excited to have me come home, and I think this little squidge was happy to be home, too!


  1. I love that picture of baby girl!

    1. And sorry that I cut her off in that picture with Angi. You seem to just have these random feet in your lap...