Friday, July 24, 2015

Musical FHE (July 13)

We had family night in my Aunt Judy's back yard on Monday with Aunt Judy and Uncle Wally, Mindy and her kids, Elizabeth and Bridget, me and Zoë, my mom and David and Josie, and Matthew and Rosie. It was a lot of fun!

Here are some pictures of everyone visiting:

I think this picture is the first picture I've ever seen where I thought that Mindy looks a whole lot like her mom—but she does!

Elizabeth planned the lesson/activity. She had us each choose our favourite church song to sing—reverent or rowdy—and we sang away. In addition to many other songs, we sang Once There Was a Snowman and I'm All Made of Hinges and everyone did the actions, of course (except me because I was holding a sleeping baby so I took pictures):

Elizabeth then bore her testimony of how good music has helped her in her life and invited anyone who wanted to to share a story as well. When we were finished we visited some more, played some games that Uncle David brought, and ate some watermelon.

Here's Bridget admiring Zoë:

I can't really blame her because Zoë is beautiful:

Here's Rosie, holding Zoë, and Matthew (I'm so glad they came):

Here's Elizabeth holding Zoë:

She was supposed to catch the shuttle back to Idaho on Saturday but traffic was so bad that she ended up missing it, which was why she was able to be at Zoë's blessing on Sunday and plan FHE for us on Monday. I'm not sure when she ended up going home because she was having so much fun spending time with Mindy and her kids! I'm glad she missed the shuttle though because it meant I got to spend more time with her as well!

Here's Josie pushing Abby in the swing while Bridget

And here are some pictures from my mom's blog of the same day:

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