Friday, July 03, 2015

Rise and Shout

I've been in Utah for nearly a week now and I've only blogged once so chances are I'm going to write about everything all out of order...because I recently had a baby and my brain is on a red light.

Case in point: I visited BYU campus on Tuesday. Auntie Josie wanted us to come visit her at work (she works for the chemistry department (I think) and is in the building next to the Widstoe building, which is where I worked for the biology department and which is currently being torn down so Josie's office (she's a secretary) is constantly shaking), so we did and then we headed to the library to wait for my mom, who was in a meeting. While we waited I decided to visit some former coworkers but I haven't worked there for so long and so much has changed that I wasn't sure who was where (or even still there). At least the building is still there.

I knew Susan still worked there, though, and I knew where to find her, so I headed down to special collections to chat with her for a minute (I was the stacks manager for special collections right up until about two hours before Rachel was born). We chatted and then I said that I wasn't even sure who else to visit (for the reasons I listed above).

"You have a brother working here somewhere," Susan mentioned.

"No, David quit," I said. "He works for SirsiDynex now."

David also used to work in special collections. I think he was even a student while I was stacks manager (which wasn't at all awkward considering I'm his younger sister) but I can't keep track of these things.

"Nancy," Susan said gently, with a huge grin on her face. "You have another brother who works here."

"Oh, yeah! Patrick!" I said, a little embarrassed.

He's up in book repair. And that morning when he left for work I even called out, "Have fun fixing books!" So really I do know that he works there. He's worked there for years! He just never worked there while I worked there so when I thought about visiting people in the library he wasn't on my radar. He was still in high school (or had barely graduated) when Rachel was born and now he's the assistant manager in book repair. So clearly I haven't worked at the library for a long time, but at least the library is still there! (RIP Widstoe.)

We visited Patrick (because he works right there in the library!) and then met up with my mom and then met up with my niece. She had to drive her brother to work and then wanted to stop by to see me and Zoë before going on a date in the evening. We went upstairs to see my mom's students (she's in the music and dance library). She said, "This is my daughter, Nancy, and my two little granddaughters, Rosie and Zoë," and then sensing some confusion from her students added, "Nancy's not Rosie's mom."

Rosie and I are 11 years apart.

Rosie and Zoë are 18 years apart.

My mom took us to The Creamery in the Wilk and we visited while we waited for Josie to be finished with work for the day. And then we went home where Rosie divulged that her date was planning on taking her out for ice cream that evening (so good thing my mom and I filled her up with ice cream that afternoon). It was good to visit with her for a bit—my nieces and nephews are all so busy now with working and dating and school that it can be hard to catch them!

The next couple of pictures are from Josie's phone. She's so good at capturing things!

Zoë is the master of skeptical looks. About this picture Josie said, "Side eye game is so strong."

Here's Zoë stretching out on the floor (she's been enjoying being able to do that without being attacked by her siblings):

And here's my mom trying to coax a smile out of Zoë:

She's been giving out a few fleeting (non-gaseous) smiles to a few lucky patrons, but her skeptical/unimpressed faces still greatly outnumber her happy faces. Her smile is very cute, though, so it'll be great when she decides that happy is an acceptable emotion to exhibit.

So, anyway, my whole week (life?) is melting into one big day in my brain. Like, when did we go see Inside Out? Was that also on Tuesday? I think so...but I couldn't tell you for sure...

(Actually, I looked it up (because I texted Andrew about it) and it was Tuesday so maybe my brain's not as far gone as I thought!))


  1. She is gonna hate you for all those "I could/couldn't care less" pictures in about 20 years... hehe. they're so funny! (And as an English major, I firmly believe that both work - "I could care less... but I don't" or "I couldn't care less." see? See? They both work!)

    1. I completely agree. Descriptivists unite!