Saturday, July 25, 2015

Pysanky (July 14)

Tuesday was a pretty quiet day. My niece and nephews stopped by in the afternoon for a little visit, which was nice. I hadn't gotten to talk with Andrew (my nephew) very much yet, so I was glad he came along. I can't believe how cool they all are—they're just such great people!

Here's a "selfie" I took using the big mirror in my mom's basement:

Dad, me, and Mom in the mirror
Rosie (holding Zoë), Matthew, and Andrew on the couch

They were headed to their cousin's wedding reception so they didn't stay long. Soon after they left I think we went to pick Josie up for work and then we ended up picking up her friend Lydia as well and then we spent the evening working on pysanky.

Josie and Lydia
Our cousin Jessica served her mission in Ukraine and she brought back pysanky supplies and showed Josie how to do it. Josie is completely obsessed with the craft now and does it every chance she gets. She has made some gorgeous eggs!

Here I am trying my hand at it:

And here are all three of us working together:

I had to stop after waxing my egg the second time because Zoë was getting fussy, fussy, fussy.

Uncle Patrick did his best to cheer her up (he doesn't hold babies) and Zoë even got close enough to touch him:

She doesn't look too terribly upset here, but trust me she was incredibly grumpy that evening. I think my mom and I took her on a little walk. And then we took Lydia home and stopped to buy her some soothers to see if that would help...because she was so grumpy. She screamed and screamed and screamed for (what felt like) hours. Look at her playing like she's all innocent...

And here are a few more pictures of pysanky making (my dad joined in, too, for a bit):

I think it was a pretty fun night, apart from all the screaming.

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