Friday, March 30, 2007

Evidence of our crazy household

I just did the dishes:

5 cups
2 plates
8 bowls
2 tupperware containers that were used for cereal
2 small plates
1 pot
1 colander
Random bits of silverware and a pasta scoop

That is all we used the whole week! We haven't been home to even make a mess in our kitchen. It was virtually clean. Our living room and bedroom really took the brunt of this week. One is covered in paper and the other was (I just finished the laundry) covered in clothes. Can you guess which room had which mess?

If you guessed that the living room is covered in paper and the bedroom covered in clothes, you were right.

Andrew had a 10 page paper due this week and he has two 10 page papers due next week. So, our living room is absolutely covered in papers and books. He's also behind in his Arabic grading, so we have a billion quizzes in stacks around our living room. And my primary stuff from last night has joined the ranks of the papers revolting against us.

The clothes thing is really just embarrassing. In our laundry basket: 2 shirts and a pair of socks (all mine). On our floor: everything else we wore this week. Disgusting, I know! But it's all clean now, and sitting on our bed waiting ever so patiently to be folded.

Other than that our house is pretty clean. I need to do the bathrooms, but...I might put that off until tomorrow.

See, we just haven't been home all week. On Monday we didn't get home until around 8:00. Tuesday we got home around 5:00, but then Andrew had to go back to work until midnight. Wednesday we didn't come home until after 10:00. And Thursday...I was pretty much gone until 10:00, while Andrew got home at 9:00. Today we are looking forward to actually making dinner and eating at our table together, alone. That will be the first time since Sunday.

We are going to be having Mexican food. I did make that shopping list, but I did it in a hurry after I got back from visiting teaching and Andrew was rushing me. I didn't check my list against of inventory (ie: I didn't look in any fridge, freezer, cupboard, or under the bed to see what food we had). When we got home and started putting what I bought away we realized that I had basically duplicated the list from last time we went shopping--remembering things that we had forgotten to get a month ago, and then bought two weeks ago...and totally forgetting about the things we forgot two weeks ago and needed to get this week.

So, we have tortillas up the wazoo. We get them at Costco because they are cheaper there. They come with 8 packages of 10. We bought one today. And we already have one in our freezer at home. They've been there for 2 weeks.

We also bought another package of lentils, only to discover that we have a whole package in our cupboard already. And we only know how to make 1 recipe with lentils! Food storage, right? It's all good.

Thank goodness Mom asked me to raid their cupboards. Perhaps we can get things we actually need from my parents because my shopping list plan failed us.

Hopefully this coming week will give us some good weather and relaxing moments and perhaps, if we're really lucky, some together time that doesn't involve me analyzing Andrew's papers.

Alas, extended hours in the library start this week, so instead of working until midnight, Andrew will work until 2 am. We have a dress rehearsal on Thursday and performances on Friday and Saturday. We have a doctor's appointment on Monday. I have a Relief Society activity for which I am being in a play and am in charge of a musical number for. And I think (I hope) that's all we have coming up.

At least we'll be together when we're dancing!

Oh, and we won't have internet for the next week: they are coming to install it on Friday--an hour before we have to perform. I don't know what we're going to do about that because we have to be early...

Anyway, good luck with your week.


  1. NANCY!!!!
    You're going to need like 300lbs of hamburger to use all those shells!
    I have a great layered casserole that could help with that though!

    You are too funny. It is my philosophy that with every baby, you lose a portion of your brain...the memory portion, and you never get that back! I've had three kids... guess how much I rememer???? lol!

  2. You think thats many kids do I have? Make chicken enchiladas???? My spelling has never improved.........