Friday, April 15, 2011


There's this song that Andrew loves to hate.

You might have heard of it, unless you're reading this 50 years in the future, in which case you probably haven't. The song is Friday by Rebecca Black. Of course, the song isn't actually by Rebecca Black; she neither wrote the lyrics or the music. However, she did perform the song, which took guts, because it really isn't that great of a song. Unfortunately for her, while several not-so-great songs somehow manage to become hits, anyway, people noticed that Friday wasn't a great song. It's been a huge flop, which in essence makes it a success.

I don't know many people who haven't heard it.

It's been viewed many times at our house. So many times, in fact, that I caught Rachel walking around the house singing, "Partying, partying. Yeah! Partying, partying. Yeah!"

I blame Andrew since he's the one who insists on showing it to every Dick, Tom, and Harry that walks through the door.

Our girls know all about partying since we're still living the "college life."

Actually, it's really because Grandma and Grandpa are living the college life. Their ward has so many parties. We just go for the free food.

Last Saturday they had their closing social for the winter semester and we were officially not invited, which made Rachel quite sad. Instead we went to the library to pick out new books. While she was sulking around, selecting books in a rather unenthusiastic manner, Grandma called to invite us; we were going to campus, anyway, so that I could run on the track (because it snowed again on Saturday). Andrew and the girls may as well join them for lunch.

Andrew quickly broke the news to Rachel.

"Hey, Rachel, do you want to go to the party with the big kids?"

Her little face lit up with excitement. She didn't even have to answer for us to know that she wanted to go, but she still told us, approximately a thousand times, that she did want to go. Then she launched in to asking when we would be leaving the library.

Miriam felt a little left out, I suppose, because she yelled, "Party! Party! Me! Me! Me!"

I think everyone was relieved when we left the library. The girls were being so noisy—they're both little party animals!

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