Friday, April 01, 2011

Perfect day for playing

Yesterday afternoon it was nice and warm outside, which was perfect since I needed to do my run during the day since I was busy in the evening. My dad came to the park with us so that he could play with Miriam and Rachel while I ran laps. He asked what she could do at the park and I answered that she mostly likes to swing and eat dirt but that she wasn't too keen on heights or sliding. 

While I was running Grandpa helped Miriam warm up to the slide. She even got brave enough that she started going down all by herself, she shoved his hands away from her and said, "No!" when he tried to help her. She's in that "I do! I do! I do!" stage.

Today it got up to about 73°F (23°C) so we went to the park again, naturally. We invited Grandpa along as well since he'll be leaving to spend the summer working in Germany at the end of the month. We need to get our Grandpa-time in while we can!

Miriam showed off her dazzling slide skills:

On the way down she likes to make a zooming or whooshing noise, which is why she's holding her mouth funny. Whoosh!

Grandpa helped her get to the top of the slide since Miriam can't do the ladder yet. My friend's baby can, though. I was very impressed when I saw her climb up—she's a little monkey and a bit of a trouble-maker, so I had to ask her if she was supposed to be up there. Her big sister, who is twelve and who I taught in primary when she was six came to the rescue and helped that little monkey baby down the big, twirly slide.

We stuck with the short, bumpy slide.

I can't get enough of her smiles.

Rachel was playing all over the place, too, of course. There were so many people out at the park today. Wendy, my running partner, was there with her kids; two other families in our ward were there; two or three families from my parents' ward were there; and that's not including the families that we didn't know!

A couple of kids from our scout den were there and had a baby-pushing contest.

It was nice of them to give the moms a break. And they got really into it—can you see Rachel's pusher making a jump shot? They were getting that competitive!

I should have taken the camera in the backyard when we were playing earlier today because, as Miriam  learned to enjoy the slide, Rachel has picked up a new skill recently, too. She can finally pedal the tricycle she got from Auntie Kelli on her birthday last July! I sent her in the backyard with a friend a couple of days ago and she ran back inside to tell me that she can "make [her] bike go!"

She's also getting much braver on the playground. Hopefully she'll be a pro at all things outside by the end of this summer. We started off today with breakfast and putting away the dishes. Then I handed Rachel a popsicle and said, "Go outside!" The weather was perfect today—I'm hoping for many more perfect days this spring and summer.

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