Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Journey (April 25-26)

The flight to Ghana was initially pretty uneventful. My dad drove me and Matthias up to the airport at 5 stinking o’clock in the morning and we met up with a couple other people from our group in SLC before boarding the flight to New York. I entertained myself with Despicable Me and Pirates I, all the while ignoring the book I’m supposed to be reading for this trip/class. Oh well… plenty of time for that later :)

I was kind of worried about getting to JFK on time—we only had a little over an hour before our flight to Accra and CNN (now rebranded as HLN apparently) was reporting one hour delays for flights going into New York. Eek.

We landed on time and taxied up to… somewhere… where we sat. And sat. And sat.

The gates were all full, so the pilot called for a fancy Sky Cabin car to come and take us to the actual terminal. After 30 minutes of no Sky Cabin, he scrapped that idea and called for some buses, which came 15ish minutes later.

We only had 10 minutes before the flight to Ghana was supposed to leave, so we ran inside to discover that the plane was delayed for an hour and a half. Phew. We waited at the gate for a couple hours, watching as our departure time was pushed back even further. A lot further.

We finally got on the plane 2.5 hours later, excited to be on our way. The plane sallied out into the runway staging area where we waited. Again. For 1.5 hours. On the cramped plane. JFK is the worst airport in the world. Just sayin’.

Once we actually got in the air, the flight was uneventful and long and boring.

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  1. Dude. That is TOO long to sit on a plane before the actual (way too long) flight! I'm glad you survived.