Friday, March 07, 2014

Goodbye to Naanii

School was back on schedule on Wednesday morning. My mom, Benjamin, and I drove Rachel to school in the morning so that Naanii could get a VIP tour of Rachel's classroom. Her teacher had mentioned (when I checked her out early on Friday so that we could leave to get my mom in Georgia) that Rachel should bring her grandmother to spend the day in her class and Rachel thought that was a great idea.

But then she only had a half day of school on Monday and no school on Tuesday and my mom flew out Wednesday afternoon, so a quick romp around the room it was.

Rachel showed Naanii her desk, the reading corner, and the paperwhites (daffodils) she's growing in an old peanut butter jar. We said the pledge of allegiance (which, if I'm being honest, I always find it a little creepy to hear a room full of tiny children reciting the words like little zombies (but I didn't grow up with the pledge so that might have something to do with it)) and listened to morning announcements and then decided to make a break for it while we still could.

They were having a tornado drill followed immediately by a fire drill and all before 9:30 in the morning!

It was probably good for Rachel to say goodbye to Naanii with all of her peers watching. She gave my mom a quick hug and then returned to her desk. No tears. No wailing. No carrying on as Rachel is prone to do.

Miriam was quite excited for us to come home. She greeted us at the door. "Four more Sundays until Grandma gets here!" she chirped with a smile painted on her tear-stained cheeks.

"She thought you'd left to take Naanii to the airport," Andrew explained.

Poor little Miriam had stumbled out of bed just as we were running out the door to get Rachel to school on time. I told her to go find Daddy and then slammed the door behind me. Naanii didn't even hug her goodbye! She was heartbroken.

Andrew consoled her by first explaining that we were only going to drop Rachel off at school so would be back soon and then by telling her that there were only four Sundays until Grandma gets here! We're so lucky to get so many visitors!

We filled the morning reading stories together. Benjamin's going to pull some slick moves on girls when he's older—look how he sidles in next to Naanii:

I made Andrew take some picture with just me and my mom.

All too soon it was time to say our formal goodbyes. Miriam doesn't get too emotional with her goodbyes yet (only if she thinks she's missed them).

Benjamin ran into Naanii's arms, gave her a great big squeeze, let her kiss him on the cheek, and then pushed her away. That's about how all his hugs are—he rarely takes the time for a good snuggle anymore unless he's just woken up.

I gave my mom a hug and blubbered, "Have a good flight! See you Sunday!" (I don't know how I would even survive without Skype.)

"Alright," she sniffed.

"I love you."

"I love you, too."

Misty-eyed, I closed the door behind my mom and went to the kitchen window with the kids to wave until she was out of sight (as is customary). And that was it—our ninety hours with Naanii, worth every minute (including the 12 hours of driving). 


  1. Leave them wanting more, that's the old show business saying. I think it works in life pretty well, too. Thanks so much, it was so much fun! And you weren't tired of me, thinking "WHEN is she going to leave already!", win! And I am so grateful that skype exists! It would have been so great for when my little kids were growing up!

  2. I feel like when you live far away from family you always want more....oh well. Glad you had a great visit.

  3. I'm so glad your mom was able to visit. I enjoyed reading about all the things you did. Great picture of you two together!