Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Random Tidbits

Benjamin has found a new favourite book series to read: The Magic School Bus.

"Bus! Bus! Bus! Bus! Bus! Bus! Bus!" is about all he has to say about it. Buses are just about his favourite thing in the entire world.

Andrew stuck Benjamin on top of the fridge the other day. Benjamin thought it was awesome.

Yesterday Miriam and Rachel were "picking wildflowers" in our yard (which is comprised mostly of wildflowers actually so it's a good game) when they decided they'd work on pulling some of the holly bush roots out of our flower garden. When I checked on them Rachel was holding onto the root and Miriam was holding onto Rachel's waist. Rachel was instructing Miriam to "Pull! Heave! Ho!" but it apparently wasn't working in their favour so they switched positions, putting Rachel in the back, and this time they both held onto the root (rather than one holding onto the root and the other holding onto the root-holder's waist). It still wouldn't budge.

I need to just cut it with some shears or something. It was growing right out into the middle of our patch of wildflowers lawn. Eventually it will stop trying to resurrect, right?


  1. The top picture gives me an optical illusion of white tubes against a dark background. Even though I KNOW that Benjamin is in his dark crib, against a white wall. Every time I see it, my eyes trick me!

  2. When I was a kids I'd make a small tadpole pond in my backyard, I'd find frog eggs (or mating frogs) each spring and bring them home from the neighborhood ponds. I'd fill a bucket of water and let it sit out for a few days and use that to replenish the pond. I'd get pond plants, rocks, etc to make the tadpoles/frogs feel more at home.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I wish Utah had ponds I'd love to do something similar with my kids.