Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I'm dreaming of a...

Since we bought our plane October...the girls have been dreaming about snow because we'd be going to Utah (greatest snow on earth, right?).

It snowed the first morning Miriam, Benjamin, and I were there, but not very much. And then it was super warm. Ridiculously warm. Light jacket warm. Warmer than it was at home in North Carolina warm. So obviously there was no snow.

But on Christmas morning we woke up to a decent (by southern standards) blanket of snow. After opening presents, the kids bundled up with Daddy and Gampy-dad and headed out into the snow (I didn't bundle up and snapped a few pictures, but then I went back inside).

Benjamin kept lying down in the snow and then would just stay flat on his back trying to understand why this was fun. I think it's because Miriam had tried making snow angels the last time it had snowed (on December 17) and he thought it looked fun, but didn't see the part where you wave your arms and legs up and down.

Oh, and that goofy hat of his! Originally the brim was folded up so he could actually see but he kept pulling it over his eyes and stumbling around half-blind. It was hilarious.

Andrew started a snowball fight with the kids (which is about the time I decided to hightail it back into the house)...

Miriam didn't really participate in the snowball fight. That sort of thing's not really her thing. She avoided it with me.

Here's Benjamin attempting another snow angel:

"Step one: Lie down in the snow. Step two... What was step two again?"
 Grandpa brought the snowball fight over to us when he came and dumped a shovel of snow on Benjamin—which Benjamin found hilarious.

Oh, now here's the part where I started strongly considering going back inside! Andrew is clearly not aiming at the children anymore and I wasn't equipped to fight back...

These next few pictures crack me up. Keep your eye on Benjamin. I have no idea what happened to him, but...

Rachel came to earth endowed with killer aim. I'm really not sure where she got it from (not me) but she's been pegging me in the face with snowballs since she was about three. Here she is creaming Andrew:

We were supposed to get a lot more snow—at least, that's what the forecast called for—so it was a little disappointing to wake up to this piddly amount with the grass still sticking through (unless you happen to be a child from North Carolina and then it was the most exciting thing in the world). But did you see that big grey cloud in the picture? That's headed our way.

Here's Grandpa chasing Miriam with a shovel of snow:

She ran to the safety of the house and I followed because we were sick of being snowball targets. But it was still a fun day in the snow. And the kids were thrilled to finally have a White Christmas!


  1. I love the pictures of Benjamin lying in the snow ... with his hat pulled over his eyes. Cute photos! Glad y'all got some snow!

  2. Rahel clearly inherited her aim from my dad, who is known for shooting 22 sparrows with one shot on the telephone line, shooting an apple on your dad's head with a bow and arrow at age 80+ (post stroke) and creaming everyone at crokinole at age 84.

  3. And I do know how to spell Rachel, really I do!