Monday, December 15, 2014

Kicking Guacamole

I've almost been holding my breath waiting for this moment—quickening—and I'm pretty sure I can now feel our baby moving around! This being our fourth baby you'd think I'd be all calm, cool, and collected. It's routine by now, right?

Instead I think I've been the most stressed out I've ever been, worrying constantly. Constantly.

Right now these little kicks are assurance that the baby's still there (though I definitely reserve the right to complain about them later when they progress from little kicks to huge wallops).

I've been feeling what I thought might be kicks for about a week now but I wasn't quite sure they were what they were until a few nights ago. So, I suppose technically I started feeling kicks at 14 weeks, but we'll call it 15.

Here's when I was positive about my babies moving:

Rachel: 19 weeks
Miriam: 16 weeks
Benjamin: not sure because I didn't write about it, but Andrew was already feeling kicks at 17 weeks
This baby: 15 weeks

When I told Andrew that I could feel the baby moving he said, "How big is it now?"

"About the size of an avocado," I said.*

"Maybe it's making guacamole," he quipped.

"Thanks. Now I'm hungry," I said.

"Gross," Andrew said. He hates guacamole.

So, there you have it.

*15 weeks is technically an apple. 16 weeks is an avocado. I was a little off with my fruit comparison. I don't really understand the fruit comparison thing anyway. I think it mostly has to do with length....? I usually start rounding up quite a bit, too, as in, "Oh, I'm 16 weeks, 1 day. That's like 17 weeks!" So I'm usually pretty confused about how far along I actually am at any given moment.

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