Sunday, June 07, 2015

Bath time for Zoë

I gave Zoë a bath last night. Her, ahem, first bath at home. Yes, I realize she's two weeks old. We lost track of time a little bit, okay?

She's a pretty clean baby anyway. She doesn't seem to have reflux like Rachel and Benjamin did so she didn't even smell completely of sour milk yet. And she didn't smell like wet dog like the kids do in the summer so bathing her was a lower priority, anyway,  And then her belly button fell off, which qualified her for showers with Mom or baths with her siblings...but then her belly button started oozing so we put that on hold and then suddenly she was two weeks old and we realized we'd never quite gotten around to bathing her.

Sorry fourth child...

She wasn't too happy about getting sponged off (we're still waiting on her belly button scab to do its thing before we submerge her) and kept squawking and fussing and rooting at everything. But then I turned on the faucet to wash her hair and she completely relaxed.

Back in her towel she started fussing again...

"I know there's food around here somewhere!"
Here she is a few minutes later, cozy and warm in her pyjamas, tummy full of milk, smelling sweetly of Johnson's and Johnson's instead of two-week baby stench, and sleeping soundly:

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