Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Zor, Lord of Babies

It's no secret that Zoë has had a bit of a perplexed/annoyed/grumpy/terrified look on her face since birth. Really though she's been warming up to the idea of living with us for the next 18 or so years and is relaxing into her environment (though she still tends to stress sleep through the day and does her best awake time just after Benjamin goes down for the night (he's a little overwhelming for her)).

Last night I was stroking her face and she was loving it. She kept giving little hints of a smile, which is all she needed to do to completely melt my heart.

I put a picture up on Facebook and Andrew's aunt, alluding to the "McKayla is not impressed" meme (I think), said, "Finally...Zor is impressed!"

I liked her post because I knew what she meant. The E key is right next to the R key.

She wrote back saying, "ZOR? Who the heck is ZOR? I mean Zoë of course!!!"

And Andrew said, "ZOR LORD OF BABIES."

And, well, I liked that, too. I was handing out likes like pretzels today. Little baby smiles will do that to you, I guess.

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  1. I like it, too. David was also a very terrified, worried baby. Life on the outside...can be scary! Especially with rowdy little people running around!