Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Sunday snuggles

Zoë and I skipped church on Sunday. I considered going, I honestly did, but then I remembered that I just had a baby like a week ago and should probably avoid hordes of people. So we stayed home. I'm sure Andrew was happy to have Uncle David's help wrangling the kids during sacrament meeting!

Daddy was ready for some cuddle time when everyone got home. When I walked into the bedroom and saw them at first I was like, "Awwwww..." and then I was like, "What are you doing to that poor baby's face?!" Zoë was completely smashed up against his chin.

Andrew obligingly moved her away from his face. She stubbornly wiggled back right where she'd been. So they cuddled like that—face smashed into face—for quite a while.

And as promised, I took some pictures of Rachel with Zoë:

She helped Zoë with some more tummy time; Zoë is getting quite social about tummy time (i.e. she's actually seeming to look at people's faces).

Rachel's a good tummy time helper because she understands that all Zoë really wants is someone to talk to her (not someone to manipulate her limbs and pat her head and yell in her face (not that anyone would ever do that (*cough* Benjamin *cough*))).

Rachel wanted to know if she looked upside-down to Zoë. I told her that she probably did...because she was upside-down from Zoë's perspective. I don't think Zoë minded, though, because she's used to looking at people from weird angles.