Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Zoë at one month

Yesterday Zoë celebrated her one month "birthday." She went to the doctor with me for my six week check up (a couple weeks early) and we were lucky enough to get my favourite nurse, Zeiynab, and one of my favourite doctors, Dr. Choi, so it was a pretty good visit. It seems strange that I won't be going in there on a regular basis anymore.

Today Zoë had her one-month well-baby visit (we just can't stay away from the doctor's office for long, can we?). Everything's going great. She is now 9 lbs. 14 ounces and is 21 inches long.

The doctors (we had Dr. Jooste—she's from South Africa—and a med student who was shadowing her (that happens a lot here)) were quite impressed with her weight gain (considering she's 100% breastfed) and were both excited that I'm planning on being a milk donor. I took in some forms for them to sign, which they were more than happy to do (basically just affirming that my baby's getting enough to eat without the milk I have squirrelled away in various freezers throughout the city (okay, only two freezers—mine and a friend's)). Apparently Duke is getting ready to jump on the band milk wagon and they'll be opening at least a donation centre in the near future (I'm not sure if they'll be processing it but it will make donating less of a pain, at any rate). I'm excited for that to happen!

We went to the museum for a little while after lunch. I was hoping to wear out the kids (mostly Benjamin) but I think I only succeeded in wearing out Grandma.

Here's Zoë snuggled up in the front carrier:

It's hot and humid outside, that's for sure! We came home and had popsicles...except for Zoë. She didn't have a popsicle but she managed to get a sticky face anyway, courtesy of Benjamin. That boy just cannot keep his hands off her! This morning he asked to hold her, so I let him, and he licked her face—the whole way up (her chin, her mouth, her nose, her left eye, and her forehead). Gross!

He's always doing stuff like that—licking her, yanking on her arms and legs, squishing her face, giving her fist bumps, throwing toys at her and telling her to catch, etc. It drives me crazy!

He does love her, though. He's always coming up to bother stroke her and croon, "I 'uvs 'oo, Baby Zo!" 

Because of course he calls her Zo.

Her name is Zoë and it's easy enough for him to say. He tacks an e-sound to the end of everything. But since her name actually ends with an e-sound he chops it off and just calls her Zo.

Here are all three girls together:

These sisters sure love each other! Rachel and Miriam have been playing together so nicely the past couple of weeks and have been quite helpful with Zoë. It's nice that I can trust them to just sit still and hold her. This morning Rachel asked if she could change Zoë's diaper by herself, so I let her ('cuz I ain't no dummy!) though I did give quite a bit of guidance ('cuz I ain't no dummy) and then she said, "There. I did it. Now if Mr. Alban asks me again if I've changed her diaper I can say yes!"

I'm not sure it will happen again any time soon, but it was nice to have someone else change her diaper for once (not that I mind newborn diapers much (they're much better than when Benjamin has a poopy accident in his pants, that's for sure) but I've changed every single diaper since the last time Andrew changed one and he's been out of town for a week and a half, so...).

Anyway, happy one month, Zoë!

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  1. I call her Zo too. I can't help it. I think it was the big deal you made about her being zoey not zo and now the darn thing is stuck in my head ;). She looks good and plump! Happy 1 month!