Monday, June 08, 2015

Pure excitement

One evening while Zoë and I were in the hospital still, Andrew sent me a series of pictures of Miriam's notebook. She'd spent the evening capturing the elation she was feeling at finally having a little sister.

This one says: Baby Zoë was born on Saturday! We got to visit Mom and Zoë! Yay!!!

This is Zoë. Obviously.

Miriam was confused about what "due date" means. She figured "due date" was synonymous with "birth date." So, here's Miriam wishing Zoë a happy due day:

Rachel, on the other hand, made me an actual due date card—regardless of when Zoë was coming, she planned to give this to me on June 2nd.

Here's another entry by Miriam:

It says, "Zoe's due day was May 23, 2015 on Saturday. And she's so cute and soft! I love her! Mom and her are coming back on Monday."

Her notebook contains a smattering of sketches of Zoë and me in the hospital, of Zoë crying in a crib, of Zoë surrounded by hearts. She was just so excited about her sister she could hardly sleep, so she filled her notebook instead.

Oh, Miriam also made this very colourful poster to welcome Zoë home from the hospital:

I hope this excitement continues!

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  1. Miriam = future just like you. So much writing to do!