Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Swimming with Uncle David

The forecast for this week is unfortunately rather dour—nothing but rain, rain, rain—so making plans is difficult. It hasn't even rained very much; it's just threatened to rain a lot. We've mostly stayed cooped up in the house, which is a cozy place to be when you've just had a baby, to tell the truth, but on Monday it was warm and sunny in the morning so we went to the pool before lunch.

The kids wore Uncle David out within an hour. They kept begging him to throw them around and give them rides on his back. Meanwhile, Zoë and I just sat in the shade and relaxed.

The favourite part of Benjamin's day is always that Uncle David came to visit us. He will flee to David's arms whenever he gets hurt or in trouble and all Uncle David has to do to fix it is to pat his head and Benjamin will be all smiles again.

Here's Miriam doing a cannonball into the 4 ft zone. She can get her head above water—just barely—if she stands on her tippy toes here so she swims here whether I like it or not. Try to drag her into the 5 ft zone, however, and she'll flip out on you, which is weird because she can swim just fine in the 4 ft and 3ft zones.

Here's Benjamin coming down from a big toss (I missed catching him at the apex of every single throw):

And here's Miriam getting ready to land a belly flop (getting a little too close to the side there!):

And here's evidence that Zoë was there, too (though I can't figure out how to get my camera phone to focus on close things and forgot my real camera at home):

She was enjoying the warm, warm, warm shade.

We haven't ventured to the pool since (I think David's a little overwhelmed by all these children wanting his attention all the time) but maybe we'll be able to go at least once more while Uncle David's here.


  1. I am glad that Miriam is cautious about pool depth! Looks like so much fun!

  2. I really missed the pool when I had S and E in June. Hopefully you can get into it soon :(

    1. Oh, when it's 90°F (and higher) and everyone's happily splashing in the pool and I'm melting on the side. :) Can't wait to get back in the water!