Friday, October 14, 2016

Bathroom rants and camps in Jamestown (September 26) by Rachel

On Monday, September 26, we went to Jamestown. The first thing we did was go to the bathroom. I got stuck in the first stall! With an automatic toilet! I hate automatic toilets! With regular toilets you can open the door and then flush, if you're scared of bathroom stalls and toilet sounds (which I am)! After banging on the door it finally opened. 

Then we walked to the Native American tribe camp. All of the stuff outside was hands on so we could touch anything: pelts, feathers, beds, turtle shells. I loved everything about the camp! 

Inside one of the houses
Outside one of the houses
Benjamin "sleeping" on a bed
Checking out some arrows
Miriam holding a deer leg
grinding corn
Zoë going into one of the houses
 Miriam tried to climb up into a bunk bed, but the ladder sticks were too far apart.

I touched most of the pelts, including a fox pelt, which, by the way, was super soft!

There was a game where there were some feathers attached to a corn cob, and you had to throw it into a target. It was a super fun game, and even life was hard, it would be fun to live in a Native American camp!

Rachel making it through the hoop
Miriam making it through the hoop
checking out an in-process burn-out canoe
standing in the canoe (mom said we could not sit in it because it was all charcoal)
Zoë with some charcoal on her face
(That isn't all we did, but I just wrote about this).



  1. Very interesting. Thank you for writing, Rachel

  2. So does Zoe have a tail (the picture of her going into one of the houses)? And I hate automatic flush toilets, too! There is one in the library that flushes like THREE TIMES, always unexpectedly, and I wish it would let me finish first!

  3. My nephew hates the automatic toilets too. Sorry you were stuck in the bathroom stall.

    I enjoyed reading about your time at the Native American camp.