Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Our state fair is a great state fair

Today Rachel came home, beaming with pride, and presented me with a letter from her art teacher that said her "artwork was selected to represent [our school] at the North Carolina State Fair.... We hope that you will be able to see this wonderful exhibit. Thanks for sharing your talented student with [our school] AND the State of North Carolina."

This is her project that was selected, The Hattaras Lighthouse:

We'll have to see if we can figure out the whole state fair thing...we've never been...but even if we don't make it (because this month, let's face it, is bordering on insanity) we're very pleased with Rachel's artwork this year.


  1. Nice work! Congratulations, Rachel!

  2. We took our kids there once. It was near Raleigh. I had the world's best Golden Delicious apple there. If Karen is there during fair time, make her pay....

    1. Or you can go on Food Lion day, and take canned food and get in "free." :)

    2. Oh! See—I didn't even know about that!

  3. How nice! I want to go to the fair this year. If I go, I will try to look for this and photograph it for you.