Thursday, October 26, 2017


I feel like this month has been a bit of a whirlwind of activity. So we figured we may as well bless Alexander on the same day Miriam gets baptized to both complicate and simplify our lives. It complicates things because it's one more thing to plan for (the fact that this is stressing me out is probably a sign that I need to step back and stop worrying about details) but it simplifies things because it consolidates the craziness into one day rather than two

And if there's anything I need in my life it's one less crazy day!

So once this was decided upon and the bishop's blessing was given (at Miriam's baptismal interview), I went ahead and made an invitation to send out to the family. 

I may have been in a slightly irreverent mood (Alexander and I were skipping church anyway because we're rebels (oh, and he was, like, a week old)) and came up with this while everyone was at sacrament meeting (planning, naively, to take a glorious two-hour nap afterwards...but instead they sent Zoë home to hang out with me because she had a cold and was too drippy to attend nursery, so no nap for me). Anyway, I think his invitation is slightly hilarious.


  1. Adorable! We did Sterling's blessing and Miriam's baptism on the same day, too! Worked well.