Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Eating skillz

As pleasant as Alexander has been the past few weeks, let the record show that he can also lose his patience at times. For example, when it comes time to eat Alexander is pretty sure he should get to eat right away and can get a lusty cry going if you (read: I) don't feed him right away.

We tried doing some tummy time the other day, which is always a little bit hard for Alexander. He thinks that if something is touching his face he should probably eat it.

"Hello, favourite blanket. Are you food?"

"Y U NO FOOD?!!?!"

"Maybe food is behind me. Yes. I will root at the air now. Come on, get in my mouth, milk. Come on get in my mouth, milk, milk."


He's nothing if not a good eater, though, and when his belly is full (of milk, not gas) he's a very content baby.

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