Sunday, October 29, 2017


On Friday evening Andrew was invited to an intimate professional dinner of sorts and, as his wife, I was invited to attend as well. This caused somewhat of a dilemma for us because, well, we have a two-week old baby. It's not entirely professional to show up at a professional dinner with a baby in tow but I wasn't about to leave my two-week-old with a sitter (even if the sitters were my mom, sister, and niece), so it was either (a) the baby comes with us, or (b) Andrew goes alone, which also presented an awkward problem since we knew everyone else was bringing a plus one.

Andrew decided he would somehow diplomatically ask about bringing the baby along without jeopardizing his professionalism. Because you can totally do that in Happy Valley.

Luckily we know one of the other couples at the dinner fairly well. They said to of course bring the baby, and, just to make sure we felt entirely comfortable, mentioned they'd be bringing their baby along, too. Their baby is 13 months old.

So, we got to dinner (at Bombay House) and found our company. The couple we know was there with their baby, and another couple was already there as well. The unknown couple looked up at us.

"Uhhh...that baby looks significantly younger than thirteen months old," said the man.

"That baby looks significantly younger than thirteen weeks old," said the woman.

"This is Alexander," said Andrew. "He is thirteen days old."

"Well, no wonder you wanted to bring him with you!" said the woman to me. "And congratulations on getting out of the house. I can't believe you came...thirteen days..."

"Truthfully," I replied, "Getting out of the house—and leaving our four other kids home with a sitter—is probably more relaxing than it would have been to send Andrew to dinner and stay home with all five kids by myself."

Our friends have only the one baby so far, but the other two couples also had five children so they totally got it.

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