Monday, October 04, 2021

No leftovers!?!

Guys, Facebook is down. 

Regrettably (or not?), Facebook has become where I keep all my brief notes of funny things my kids say because sometimes composing an entire blog post is...daunting...with the few minutes I manage to nab here and there. It's simply a medium that, for me, seems to call for longer-format writing.

All this is to say that it's lunchtime at our house and my children cannot decide what to eat.

"There's no leftovers," they complained. 

And so they didn't know what to have for lunch. 

Don't worry; they've managed. Alexander is having a muffin (leftovers from our conference weekend treats) with vegetables (also leftover from conference) and fruit (conference). Benjamin has made himself a fruit salad (with yogurt and leftover fruit). Zoë had cheese and crackers (again, conference leftovers!). Rachel had a croissant sandwich (did you guess conference leftovers?).

"I just don't know what to eat!" Miriam said, staring into the relatively empty fridge.

In her defense, the fridge is relatively empty. The other kids had eaten most of the leftovers and we have literally no leftover meals in there otherwise (which is unusual for us, but we didn't cook at all on Saturday or Sunday). 

She settled on making herself some scrambled eggs to have with a leftover muffin and strawberries.

But the funny thing is that when our fridge is bursting with leftovers...I have to beg the kids to eat them. When the fridge is full of leftovers my kids say things like, "I'm going to make Ramen!" or "I'll have a sandwich!" or "Oooh! Boxed macaroni and cheese!"

They never willingly dig into leftovers unless I announce that everyone will be having leftovers for lunch.

But today we don't have any leftovers and they were all at a if we don't have Ramen or sandwich goods or boxed macaroni and cheese today (we do). 

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  1. I thought my internet connection had gone until I realized I could connect to everything except Facebook and Messenger where most of my friends are stored. Haha. I feel cut off from the world so I actually went to Twitter for the first time in a while. Ahh, people. And it's so nice to see a post from you. Yay for friends who still are out there. It's scary how dependent I am on Facebook and Messenger for contact with people, huh?