Thursday, October 28, 2021

We're so very thankful that...

What I really need to do is hop on the exercise bike (because it's cold and rainy and no one wants to go for a walk today)—and I'll do that—but first, I'm going to share a quick story. 

I'm 35 weeks today! I had an appointment this morning, including another BPP (biophysical profile) ultrasound. Evidently I get to have a lot of those because I'm (a) geriatric and (b) have gestational diabetes. Some good news to come out of this was irrefutable evidence that the baby has flipped and is now presenting vertex (head down), as she should. We're rather excited about that over here.

A slightly funny part is that she's so very head down that the ultrasound technician had a little bit of trouble getting a decent head measurement, so while the rest of Phoebe is measuring in, like, the 30th percentile for growth, her head came in at, like, the 80th percentile for growth. The technician must have seen my eyes grow large as I tried to digest the numbers I was seeing on the screen (so many centimeters) because she said, "That head measurement is not accurate at all! She's just squished so far down there I can't get any closer to her to get a better measurement. I'm sure her head isn't that big because her head has always been proportional to her body and her body is measuring fine." 

Also, measurements get more and more inaccurate the farther along you are. We're not so worried about measurements at this point as we are about making sure she's getting the blood flow she needs, etc. 

Anyway, the kids were all excited that she had turned, even though there were no cute profile pictures to share with them (I mean, the technician kindly sent along a few pictures from today's scan but they were definite what-the-heck-is-that pictures and not that's-definitely-a-baby pictures). 

Alexander offered our dinner prayer. He's been pretty good at being thoughtful during his prayers lately, rather than praying his sweet little vain repetitions. This is both adorable and...unpredictable.

"We're thankful for this wonderful day that we could have today," he began (with a vain repetition). "And we're so very thankful that Phoebe..."

Here he paused and we all waited for him to say "flipped around" or something (even though he had been so very opposed to praying for such a weird thing a month ago). His pause was long. Pregnant even. 

"We're thankful that Phoebe...will be in Hufflepuff!" he finally announced, most gleefully. 

And when our eyes all flew open in shock he said, "Because Mom's a Hufflepuff, so Phoebe will have to be. What? That's a good house to be in."

Then he closed his eyes and reverently continued with his prayer.

"And we're thankful for the food, and please bless it..."

You never quite know what kind of prayer Alexander's going to offer these days.

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