Monday, October 04, 2021's the weekend...

And...really quickly before I have to go do everything else that I have to do...

Part of my job is monitoring the email account and responding to inquiries and so forth. fine. Like, I'm decent at email. Never mind that my personal email has 9,493 unread emails. It's fine. I'm good at reading and responding to the important emails. 

This weekend I watched ten hours of general conference, read a book for one of my classes (263 pages), finished a big project for another one of my classes, read a couple of articles for yet another class, started teaching Rachel and Andrew how to crochet, crocheted a hat for Zoë's Halloween costume, and put together a 27-page family newsletter (which involved dozens of emails from relatives spread across the globe—from Sweden to Louisiana to North Dakota, Alberta, and Utah...). In addition to other weekend stuff.

I did not, however, check my work email. 

Because it was the weekend.

And I'm not obligated to respond to work emails over the weekend, right?

So I missed an inquiry that came in on Saturday afternoon. 

But I checked my work email at noon today and—look!—I had a question to answer. So I hit "reply" and was in the middle of answering their question when my computer dinged. I had another email!

I looked to see what it was about and, lo, it was a follow-up from the same person who sent me an email on Saturday afternoon. They were like, " are you ever going to answer my question?!"

And I was like, "'s noon on Monday. Your question has literally been burning for a grand total of three business hours, friend."

But, of course, I didn't say that in my answer. Those were inside words.

I understand the desire for an instant answer, I do! But I thought this was funny because I'd seen memes about this but had never experienced it in real life until today!

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