Thursday, May 26, 2022

Mitchelville (May 12)

Our last touristy stop of the day was Mitchellville, the location of " the first self-governed town of formerly enslaved people." Little remains of the actual structures, but there's a lovely little replica village that we wandered through.

This house is the size of a typical house would have been:

They remind me of the trendy tiny homes we see so much about these days. Benjamin thought they were perfectly sized. Living his life out in a tiny secluded cabin is kind of a dream of his.

And here's a model bateau—a flat-bottomed boat good for navigating the bayou.

We had read somewhere online at some point that there was beach access at Mitchelville, so we all wore our bathing hike through the the pouring rain. We never found beach access...but we did find a lot of marshland!

Here's a series of pictures Andrew took of us in the woods:

Learning more about the history of Mitchelville was interesting, but I imagine the park is a lot more fun during their reenactment days. Better weather may have also improved our visit.

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