Monday, May 23, 2022

Sunset on the beach (May 11)

I literally don't understand the order these pictures uploaded in. They are all completely out of order. Suffice it to say, we headed down to the beach for a sunset stroll on May 11, knowing it would really be our last chance to do so (we had storms in the forecast for May 12, our last "play day").

I'm going to try to put things in order the best I can.

Here's Zoë and Andrew strolling down the boardwalk together:

We stopped at this little swing (that we joked alligators installed to lure humans off the trail):

Some of us took the alligator idea a little more seriously than others:

The beach was mostly deserted and so beautiful. Rachel was our main photographer of the evening. She took a few selfies to make sure she was documented as well.

She also took adorable little portraits of herself with various siblings.

Miriam was a little less cooperative for Rachel:

But Rachel managed to get a few good shots:

Here's sweet Alex, so proud of having written his name in the sand (with an amputated crab arm), so regretful of having run into the ocean fully clothed:

Here are Benjamin and Alex walking down the beach together:

Here's Miriam and Benjamin enjoying the waves:

Here's me walking along with some of the kids:

Benjamin with his shoes on his hands on his hips:

Andrew, Phoebe, and me:

Phoebe loves giving kisses these days:

Zoë rescued a little dragonfly from the waves (the poor thing was drenched):

Here's Phoebe taking some steps in the gentle waves:

And here she is being gently tossed in the air by Daddy:

Being tossed in the air is not her favourite activity, but she's getting braver about it. She can at least go down the stairs without entirely freaking out, so...that's how we know she's getting braver about things. Unfortunately, all that jostling didn't sit too well with her tummy and she...regretted all the avocado she had with dinner. So did Andrew.

Here she is cleaned up and feeling better:

Here are way too many pictures of the beach, but we (Rachel and I) couldn't help ourselves. We just loved how the sky was reflecting on the sand and water.

And here's our (almost) last look at the marsh and boardwalk as we headed back to the condo for bed:

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