Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Coincidence? I think not!

Two rather interesting things happened this week, which may have been coincidence, but I think might be a little bit more.

The first was that we found out that the Office is on hiatus for the next little while, which is great because we really like the Office but it has recently become really hard to catch because we have dance practice on Thursdays during the Office. The week the next show comes out (they've been playing reruns) just happens to be the very week after our performance. Now, that might just be a coincidence, but it is kind of really cool.

The second is that on Sunday I was still kind of worried about my baby. Not that I'm done being worried. I don't think I ever will be. My mom still worries about us. Her mom worried about her until the day she died. So, I'm pretty much just going to worry the rest of my life away. I'll be sure to enjoy it, too, but I will certainly worry about things. Anyway, my sister, Abra, told me that if I wanted to talk I could phone her. She has a lot of experience with grieving over babies (even though I really have no reason to grieve, I certainly was gravely concerned). I thought about phoning her, but I didn't.

On Friday night shortly before 10 o'clock my sister called me.

"Hey, Nanny!" she greeted me. After exchanging the regular niceties we both waited for the other to start the conversation. Since she was the one initiating the phone call, I was thinking it would be pragmatically correct for her to also initiate the conversation. She had other ideas. After sitting in silence for a few moments she finally broke the ice,

"So, you called..." she said.

"No," I corrected her, "You called."

"Nan," she said, "You called me first. My phone has your number in my display saying that you called at 9 PM so I hit the button to dial your number and got you, so obviously..."

"Okay, that's really weird because I didn't call."

After covering some more grim topics, we had a great conversation about swimming and lifeguarding. Abra read me these lists (the swimming one is almost the exact one, although I think she edited the content for me) of how to know if you are a swimmer/lifeguard. I simply can't find the lifeguarding one, but they are both so funny because they are so true. Really, the worst is when you sweat chlorine...

I was reading the list to Andrew and he didn't get it until I got to the one about your wardrobe being "held together by knots or torn and see through." He got that one, alright. He made me throw away 7 bathing suits after we got married. What a waste! If only you could have seen them though...they worked if I wore 2-4 at any given time.

Anyway, Abbi helped me relax and think about something other than my baby, which was a really nice change.

So, although the TV show thing might be a mere coincidence, I don't think my sister's phone call was. That was more of a blessing.

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  1. Well Nancy... that's great to hear because I'm reading these stupid lists (both of which you can view on my facebook - yes I'm addicted to blogs and perhaps the computer in general) Anyhow, I'm reading them and thinking, "why am I reading this... to fill an awkward void? Does Nancy really care to hear this? Is she getting bored and wishing I would get off the phone as I do sometimes to some certain people (NOT YOU) sometimes... So anyways, I am glad that it served a purpose and I am glad that I was inspired to call you back although you hadn't really called... or so you say...!
    I love you!