Tuesday, March 20, 2007

More Free Dinner

One of Andrew's teachers is the Dean over the Honor's program. Today was the Honor's Banquet and they were selling tickets for $15 each. Apparently college students can't afford that (ya think?) so Andrew's teacher bought about 100 of them and sold them to students for $4 each. That's a pretty good deal if you think about it.

So Andrew and I went to the Honor's Banquet today. As did half of Andrew's Italian class.

The dress was business casual, so we had to come home after school so that Andrew could change. I live my life in business casual, but Andrew is still in the jeans and t-shirt stage of his life.

He looks so good when he dresses up though! He wore his nice maroon shirt that I got him for Christmas and I picked out a yellow tie for him to wear.

Little did I know, Andrew and one of his little buddies from his mission had planned on wearing their matching maroon shirts. The last time I did anything like that was in, oh, let me check my calendar...oh, was grade five! Eleven years ago.

So Andrew shows up wearing his maroon shirt and yellow tie and there's his mission buddy wearing a maroon shirt and a black tie. Apparently he had desperately hunted around for his yellow tie but couldn't find it.

He sure does keep my life interesting...

We went to a "break-out" session on financial planning. There's this cool course online to help you get your finances on track. We're definitely going to look into that more.

After that, we went through the Beholding Salvation exhibit at the MOA. We're definitely going to look into that more as well. There's only so much you can cover in half an hour.

And now we're home. I was hoping to take a picture of Andrew to prove to the world that a maroon shirt and a yellow tie really do look good together (he even did his hair!) but if any of you know Andrew at all you know that he's currently in shorts and a t-shirt...

Not that I can really talk. I came home and immediately put on my pyjamas.


  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't there also a matching clothes "incident" in Amman involving Jason (or maybe it was Ezra)?? I think this is becoming a pattern of behavior...

  2. Yes, but it involved all of Jason's pants hanging out to dry and Ezra throwing up on the ones Jason was wearing. It just happened that Jason's t-shirt was yellow and he had to put on his orange swim trunks while Andrew on the other hand was wearing his favorite yellow shirt and by pure coincidence had on and orange shirt.

    So it's a little difference because Jason and Andrew didn't plan to match...

    Andrew claims that in this case as well...I am not sure I believe that.

    To read that story, go here.