Thursday, March 22, 2007

Happy National Frozen Foods Month

I witnessed a tiff in the library break room today between what I decided must have been an engaged couple: she had a ring on and he didn't, and apparently they aren't very familiar with the other's eating habits.

Man reaches into backpack and brings out two (still cold but thawed out) frozen foodstuffs.
Woman audibly gasps and looks really offended.
Man, rather timidly: I thought I'd bring you lunch today?
Woman, rather outraged: You didn't put them in the fridge!?!
Man shrugs: No, it's just a pizza pocket.
Woman, completely aghast: Well, don't you think it says, 'Keep Refrigerated' for a reason?
Man: It's just like unthawing it [sic].
Woman: It's a pretty clear warning that you're supposed to keep it refrigerated. And you are supposed to unthaw [sic] things in the fridge, not your backpack.
Man, walking to the microwave: Well, I guess I'll just go zap all those nasty little germs away.
Woman, scoffing, walks over to the vending machine and buys a fresh pizza pocket.
Man, back from his 1 minute microwave trip: Aren't you going to have one of mine?
Woman: I don't think so.

Aren't frozen foods marvelous, I mean really, lunch in 1 minute. What could get better?

However, the big--and audible--fuss the woman was putting up made me look down at what I was eating: a pizza pocket that had once been frozen but had thawed out in my bag along with my Gogurt, also once frozen and now just nicely cold.

I didn't see anything wrong with it. I mean, it was still cold when I took it out of my bag--cold enough to have come out of the fridge. The Gogurt box even suggests that you freeze it so that it will thaw out while you wait for lunch. No refrigeration!

I ate lunch guilt free.

When I lived in Russia we kept our eggs and yogurt on the counter, and a chicken on the stove. We kept milk in the fridge, but only after boiling it. If we ran out of room in the fridge the milk sat in the window. Juice was also kept on the counter because not a lot of Russians believe in drinking cold beverages, not even milk. Believe me, boiled milk in "cold" cereal is not very appetizing. And although they have this strong dislike toward cold beverages they love ice cream. We didn't have a freezer though so we rarely had ice cream.

I suppose I am pretty grateful for frozen foods. What would I do without ice cream? Or frozen lunch foods? Or frozen vegetables? Or instant meals?

But really, what are we celebrating with Frozen Foods Month? The food, the freezer, or the instant gratification?

Personally, I appreciate all three, but I'm not sure that I need a whole month dedicated to it.

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  1. Though frozen foods are convenient and Andrew saw me eat a burrito the other day (a rare thing for sure) I think I should lay out some time the effects of frozen food on our society and how our society is slowly unraveling with the invention of above mentioned food item amongst other things such as Hummers and cell phones that can do everything like check email and change the oil in your car.

    I do like frozen veggies and icecream too. :)