Saturday, March 24, 2007

My growing tummy

Rachel is starting to kick more and more. We can even see her moving from 'the outside.' It's pretty funny, really--I want to catch it on film.

Anyway, I really, really, am getting quite a bit bigger. This is my tummy today:

I realize that it looks a lot like the picture I took back in February:

February 23
And although I am holding my t-shirt tight, I am not pushing my tummy out in today's picture. So, that's a natural bump that I have now.

Just for a reference point, here is a picture of me with my mom's tummy (aka: Josie) at her baby shower. We can all ignore the fact that I'm wearing a super-cool troll watch, a super-cool tie dye t-shirt tucked into my super-cool sweatpants. It was the 90s--I can't help how I look. I was a slave to fashion. And I'm not really holding my mom's shirt to emphasize her tummy. I'm just being really shy. I think I spent the whole night attached to her, and I'm quite sure that I didn't say anything, either.


  1. I actually feel the need to point out that you absolutely loved that troll watch! And I tried many times to untuck your t-shirts but you always wanted them tucked in... I especially love how your shirt is labelled with your name, very cool Nan!

  2. Hey Nancy,

    I haven't been able to read your blog for the past few days, so I need to catch up on my comments...

    First, I really like the name you guys decided on - very pretty!

    Second, I still can't see much of a tummy sticking out on that new picture of you....maybe it's because you aren't completely sideways...So you can try messing with the camera angle a little, but I don't know if it will help. :)

    Third, there's nothing wrong with crying! And sometimes you just feel so much better when you can just let it all out. :)

    Also, the project thing could be a good idea - sorry if you're sick of suggestions from people. But it sounds like you enjoy scrapbooking too - maybe you could start working on a scrapbook for Rachel. Casey's mom put together a bunch of scrapbook pages for Matthew's book, and it was so nice to be able to just insert the pictures and add a bit of writing. That way when you have less time after the baby is born you'll have already made some headway. For example, she made a page with a cute page with a scale and then you write in how much they weighed and put a picture of them on the scale. She also had a page about "The World Around Me When I was Born." Anyway, I won't bore you if you're not interested but let me know if you are and I can give you more info. :)

    Lastly, my most recent blog post is especially for you and Andrew, so read it together when you have a few moments. It's always nice to have a good laugh - hope you enjoy it. :)

  3. sheesh, nice tummy. I want to see the pic when you are like 9 months pregnant, then maybe I will feel better about myself :)

    I remember when I could see Maya moving from the outside. I was sitting outside my classroom on the floor reading something or other, Something caught my eye. I stared at my tummy and I saw this ripple move across my tummy. At that moment I was so embarrassed that someone might actually see what I was seeing and I promptly covered my stomach with my notebook. Haa ha, pregnancy is fun sometimes.